27 and Hawk

L to R. 27 and Hawk

27, created by Kingjulian13, is the leader of Omicron Squad.


27 was first know on Dec 23rd, 2011, simply as a Captain in the 582nd legion. He was named 27 after his ID number, CX-2727. (Like 5's in Star Wars the Clone Wars) Kingjulian13, made comedic creations about his adventures in the galaxy. Later on he was given a partner, Hawk. After a few creations he gained popularity, so he was promoted to Commander.

He showed abnormal amounts of selfsufficientcy, rebellion, and battle skills. So they out him in intense training hoping to pound out these undesirable qualities in a clone. But this only seemed to increase in them. He met Hawk who was also in this grueling course. They immediately became close friends. After the course was over he had become to unstable to put into battle.