Agenti397 is a popular miniseries writer on LSW Creations. However, he is mostly inactive, since December 20,
2012, the date of his last posted creation.


He created the Miniseries "Building Storms", which was later transformed into "Valor's Weakness". He also created "Brothers In Arms" and "The Dark Reign of the Sith". He has been on Creations since its very beginning, but didn't comment that much.

However, Agenti397 has had to leave Creations due to circumstances beyond his control.


"Thanks mods! Now lets see if this is noticed…"

Agenti started his lillustrious LSW Creations career by posting his miniseries, "Building Storms". He became quick friends with EmperorGalvinian, who was amazed at the talent of this new writer (Albeit, he had been writing for years). "Building Storms" took off quickly, becoming a classic for LSW Creations. Its protagonist, Kasler Venn, became a site-wide figure, and Agenti would become famous.

Soon, the miniseries' name was changed at part 15 from "Building Storms" to "Valor's Weakness".  The series is projected to have around 200 parts, clocking in at around 400+ pages.

Later, Agenti posted the miniseries "Brothers In Arms", which was about a team of four commandos. (Civ, Scries, Striker, and Check) He also posted "The Dark Reign of the Sith", about the Sith Darth Maelstrom.

Through his miniseries he also met Bowdrie1999, who became an excellent friend of his. With Bowdrie1999 and EmperorGalvinian, he would attempt the first collaborative miniseries, "Brotherhood Of Freedom". Due to Agenti's inactivity, and the lack of attention paid to it by all three parties, it was not successful.

As A UserEdit

As a user, Agenti was supportive of new writers, offering bits of advice whenever he could. He was on the Message Boards for a short time as well, but this is not well known.

He left (or planned to leave) several times, claiming that he was depressed.

Agenti was also very defensive of his ideals, getting into an argument with EmperorGalvinian over religion.

Agenti was very good friends with Bowdrie1999, as well as Superseaturtle and EmperorGalvinian.

He signed many of his posts "_–✝♄€ ₳ⓖ€|\|†™, ¨‘°º◎♅ίɠᏥ QʋαℓᎥτŷ Ꮅℴšɫℯɾ◎º°‘¨–_" before Miakittymoon (a moderator) asked him to stop because it was conflicting with moderation.


Agenti is 15 years old.

Agenti has been on for nearly 13 years, essentially all of his life.

Agenti also witnessed The Golden Age, The Old Gallery, and The Depression.

He also has more than $5,000 dollars worth of LEGOs, though he doesn't collect LEGOs anymore, due to his interests shifting.

He is an avid Nintendo fan which is evident to his many conversations with his friends.

Agenti was involved in the conflict with thebeasttroll.