Batman5681 is a user on LSW Creations. He posted his first creation on August 8, 2012. He is good friends with Starwars2625 , REM_NUM83R5 , Hevy-Hardcase , Woolfie99, and ClonetrooperCobb



Wolf, the Jedi character of Batman.

Batman had humble beginnings like many other users. Customized minifigures, especially clones, were his first creations. Not long after, he began his first miniseries, The Night Squad, featuring a portion of his custom clones. He uploaded many comics and in early 2013 joined the company, Vermintech, started by Waros32. He soon became close with Superseaturtle, Waros, and other popular members while they stayed active. It was not until the summer of 2013 that Batman began to have consistent success with his creations, partly because of the release of his miniseries, Alpha Pack: Bone.


Batman has a total of 4 miniseries, and will be beginning a fifth in the near future.

  • The Night Squad
  • Alpha Pack: Rise
  • Alpha Pack: Mists of Vanqor
  • Alpha Pack: Bone
In order from earliest to latest:
  1. The Night Squad: A story of a squad of clone troopers who attack a base on Umbara.
  2. Alpha Pack: Rise: As is implied by the title, this miniseries details the rising of the Alpha Pack; a squad of Rebellion soldiers fighitng against the tyranny of the Empire. The characters within the squad are: Wolf, Jakis, Jax, Dareg, and Daka.
  3. Alpha Pack: Mists of Vanqor: The sequel to the first Alpha Pack story. The squad is now tasked by Rebel command to attack a poisonous mine controlled by the Empire.
  4. Alpha Pack: Bone: The third installment of the Alpha Pack series. The squad meets a new enemy but at what cost are they willing to accomplish their mission?
  5. Alpha Pack: The Hidden Enemy: This miniseries has not yet been posted.

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