Black_Wind8319 is a user on the Lego Star Wars Gallery. He made his first post, "Clone Camp" came


out on 1/22/2012, and he has been posting ever since, with the exception of a year long break from 6/6/2015 to 6/7/2016. He didn't really start to post actively until he re-joined in 2016, and re-started his SWRP club, the Emerald Elites.

He has partaken in SWRP since it began, with a short break.

He is currently still Role Playing.

His main SWRP characters include Philip Starkiller, Lox Shi, Ben E Ficentia-Starkiller, and Elsa Starkiller.

He has currently created three different SWRP factions, the Emerald Federation, (EF), Alpha, and the New Sith Empire (NSE). He and Lolimh2014 rebooted the Elite Mandalorian Commandos(EMC).

His Building style is usually a semi-detailed one, with many sideways pieces, however older builds of his are miss-matched and not appealing, he spends more time writing though.

He is writing a miniseries about his RP characters and what they did while he was gone, titled "The Starkiller Saga"

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