Brenkenobi is a user on the Lego Star Wars gallery. He is mostly known for his customs, his miniseries, and his custom character, Jerek "Renegade" Shay'll.


Brenkenobi, or Bren as he is more commonly called, posted his first creation September 19th of 2011. He then followed it with a vertible flood of what he later called "low quality" creations. He felt ignored for a while, as most new users do. Eventually, he slowed down his posting and began to write a miniseries about The Fearsome Fivesome. He became close friends with Superseaturtle, even integrating her character into his character bio. His custom figures are exceptional, and have gained him a group of followers.

He eventually formed what he called "helper squads" for the Fearsome Fivesome. He made several, allowing other users to take charge of a squad and recruit other users to join. It seems to be a succsess.

He has a younger sister on the site, misslegouniverse2143, and a younger brother, Clonecommandochaos.

There is a joke between Brenkenobi and ErinKenobi that they are long-lost cousins. This joke began when the Elite was formed. It is not frequently referenced, and also not true, to some users' surprise.

BrenKenobi's Minifigure

Brenkenobi's famous character, Renegade, has become a widely-known figure. Renegade is sometimes shown with a customized Shadow BARC speeder, The Bev Beviin.
Renegade's Mandalorian armor varies in color, from grey to black, to black again, and red.

As A UserEdit

Bren, after a few rough patches, has become a well-respected user on the site. His action-packed miniseries have become quite popular.

He claims that once there was a fight between him and Superseaturtle about his wanting to join the Fivesome, but she denies ever getting angry and remembers it only as a discussion.

Bren has a sense of humor, and continually uses Mandalorianisms, sometimes to a comic effect.

He has lots of miniserieses to his name.

Random facts Edit

He knows a decent amount of Mando'a.  He frequently gets in trouble on the LSW Creations wiki.  He has a colorful vocabulary (hence the statement above).  He used to watch Veggie Tales as a child, he also quotes Larry the Cucumber.  He is known to say "Ayo" which is backwards for "Oya" which in Mando'a means "let's hunt".