Catgalaxy40 is a user on the LSW creations gallery. She is creative, has a sense of humor, and is an artist.


Catgalaxy40 posted her first creation on April 16, 2012, with her character bio of Solana Skywalker. She quickly became friends with users such as Galaxyfox39, whom she had admired before joining the gallery and whose username she had modeled her own after.

Cat began her series of creations, "A Midsummer's Clone," on June 21, 2012. It was fairly popular, as she began it with a Lord of the Rings creation, and Lord of the Rings is also popular on the Star Wars gallery.

On August 11, 2012, she posted her creation "Water Balloon Fight," which was completely unrelated to "A Midsummer's Clone," and unintentionally sparked the Great Water Balloon War, a war which proved to be fun for all involved. This pushed her up in the minds of her fellow creators.

As summer came to a close, she began to be somewhat less active; however, she can not be declared semi-active, as she has posted several creations during that time, and has commented around a bit, though not as extensively as before.

Nowadays, we have not seen any new creations from her for a while. Although, she tends to be extremely active on certain chat creations, such as Superseaturtle 's latest creation, with other users.

As a UserEdit

Catgalaxy40 plays the clarinet and draws very well. She also knits, as do other some other users, such as Superseaturtle.