The Fearsome Fivesome have had many clones. This includes The Epic Six, The Secret Seven, The Awesome Nine, The Courageous Six and many more. [By whom?]

History Edit

The first Fearsome Fivesome "clone" was made by Eliteclone1390, whose group was known as The Epic Six. He selected users for his group that he considered 'good enough to be in the Fearsome Fivesome'.

Awesomenoa attempted to get into The Epic Six, however he was denied entry. He therefore made his own group, the Secret Seven.

These were only the first of what would be many 'clone' groups.

Examples Edit

The Epic Six by Eliteclone1390

The Courageous Six by DalekDurge

The Secret Seven by Awesomenoa

The Awesome Nine by vonness11

Reluctant Heroes: A Story of Five by zai_x