ClonetrooperCobb is a user on the LSW Creations gallery. He began creating on August 14, 2011. He is not one of the more popular creators but has made strong friendships with Hevy-Hardcase, Starwars2625, who are popular creators, and Batman5681. He is known for his miniseries, "The 585th Legion" and some successful stopmotions." T


Cobb, as most other users and his friends call him, started by posting creations of his custom clone troopers and simple stopmotions. Eventually, his stopmotions became longer and more humorous, which earned him moderate success and some respect as a stopmotion maker. The most successful of his to date is Darth Vader Finds Out He Has Kids. He began to comment on several of Superseaturtle's creations, attracting the attention of several well-known creators, among them Hevy-Hardcase. As a result of this, Cobb began making friends and his miniseries which has had on and off again success.
Lego 056-2

Cover photo of Cobb's miniseries.

As A UserEdit

Cobb has made a miniseries and refers to himself as an aspiring author.

He also has a younger sister on the site, RebelLeader1442, who is known primarily for her comics consisting of many custom characters.

Cobb has worked on compiling a Republic Army, a creation of which garnered much attention.

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