Creations Reunion

Photo for the Reunion

The Creations Reunion is the first ever of its kind created and hosted by Hevy-Hardcase. It was posted on December 5th, 2013. Within the first 5 days, it had accumulated over 200 comments from over 30 users.


The idea of a reunion came mainly from HH, Hevy-Hardcase, along with help from friends Legochip333 and ClonetrooperCobb. The idea was intended to gather all the "oldies", creators from The Golden Age, allowing them to catch up with old friends or talk about possible action regarding the future of creations.  Mgrif10, REM_NUM83R5, and others offered help in gathering the "oldies" and inviting them to come. 


The users were successful in their "gathering" when users such as StarWarsRocks2012, Bowdrie1999, Bluepeso, Cedric_of_Chessington, Vonness11, Oku_Finn, Awesomenoa, -Starkiller-, Commander8656, S-RileyWest, Starwars2625, catgalaxy40, bgirlabby, DalekDurge, and Superseaturtle appeared. It has been successful in connecting the old friends together, with many conversations between them about their lives taking place. Many users have also discussed the future of creations, which has led to the idea of a 7 user council.

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