Dalein was a user on the LSW Creations gallery. He is known for having the second miniseries, starting his several days after the first part of Descent Into The Empire.


Though he made many customs, Dalein's pièce de résistance will always be recognized as Smuggler's Log, a miniseries which began on December 22, 2011.

It told the story of Jace Onasi, a smuggler who begins an unlikely journey when a group of three anti-Imperials ask him to take them from Nar Shadda to Naboo.

The main article on Smuggler's log can be found here.


Dalein's eponymous character, Dalein Shan, was a pre-Rebellion Jedi.

His main character, Jace Onasi, was the protagonist of Smuggler's Log and, as the title would suggest, was a smuggler.

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