Daylee15 is a user on the Lego Star Wars Creations gallery. She posted her first creation on March 2, 2013.


Daylee15 is a real-life friend of ErinKenobi2893. She joined the gallery at ErinKenobi's invitation around September 2012. She is an avid lover of ErinKenobi's and Superseaturtle's miniserieses and frequently comments on Erin's creations. Daylee is also a character in one of ErinKenobi's stories (Stand United), along with Catgalaxy40 (Solana Skywalker), gmg9101 (Megan), Sgt.Sprite, and Misslegouniverse (Jalana Joliea Quatrix).

As A UserEdit

Daylee15 is a member of ErinKenobi's squad, Beta Squad, in The Elite. She and Erin are very close, and often share insider jokes. Daylee is also a member of the Siri-Is-Alive Club which Erin founded, and has contributed to the club's cooperative miniseries, "Siri Tiachi: A Life of Loss."

She has a sibling on under the username of SadiaAmidala

Creations LinkEdit

If you wish to look at Daylee15's creations, you can find them here.