Descent Into The Empire
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Author EmperorGalvinian
Publication date 12-18-11 to 4-17-12
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Descent Into The Empire was a miniseries written by EmperorGalvinian, starting on December 18, 2011, and ending on April 17, 2012.


The story begins with Jedi Knight Meas Aj Edi on Coruscant, who is exiled by the Supreme Chancellor and leaves for the Mid Rim. Two clone troopers, who are to escort him to Thyferra, come with Edi.

Edi's ship's hyperdrive malfunctions, and he is forced to land on the planet of Fondor. There, he meets Admiral Halberius (HiPiplup) and a hooded stranger. (samdudeman120).

However, after the meeting, Order 66 is enacted. Edi is forced to battle his clone troopers, but manages to defeat them, and seals them in carbonite chambers. Commander Slash tracks Edi down and attempts to kill him, but Edi dissuades him from his mission, and Slash and the hooded stranger accompany Edi to Thyferra, after purchasing a new ship.

Seventeen years pass, and Edi has become a farmer on Thyferra, with an aging Slash. The hooded stranger had left looking for a species of seabound reptile years ago. Edi is surprised to hear the roar of a starfighter engine after all these years, and even more so to see his friend Jedi Master Arfuulk, a Wookie, step out. Edi joins the Rebellion.

Edi, Arfuulk, and Slash go to the Cruiser Perditor to meet up with Admiral Halberius, who has apparently made a whole squadron, Blue Squadron. Halberius gives Edi a tour, but the ship is attacked, and Edi fights against the Empire for the first time.

A number of missions against the Empire follow, and eventually Edi joins the New Jedi Order, along with Jedi Masters Dalein Shan and Shav Renalt. He gets a padawan, Lek Cai'Stol, and begins to train him.

The series ends with a duel against unknown Dark Jedi, and a reflective last part.


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