Dinoguy7719 is a user on the Lego Star Wars Creations gallery. He is known for his ships and stopmotions.


Dinoguy posted his first creation on May 19 of 2011, but was on the old gallery before them. He was one of the legendary Golden Age users, along with Superseaturtle, Samdudeman120, and several others. He was a good friend to the Fearsome Fivesome, having known the users since they joined.

He has been steadily active since he joined.

Creations StyleEdit

Dinoguy mostly focuses on shipbuilding and stopmotions, posting a humerous creation every once and a while. He has also tried his hand at LDD.

As A UserEdit

Dino is older than most of the users on the site, being in his upper teen years. He is highly respected among users on the gallery.