Galaxyfox39 is a well respected user on the Lego Star Wars Creations Gallery.

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Galaxyfox, or Fox, as she is commonly called by her friends, has quickly become a very popular member of the Creations community.

At first, several of her creations about her clone, 44, were almost carbon copies of Superseaturtle's Bob creations. Superseaturtle attempted to mention it to Fox, but eventually she decided just to let it go. Fox has since moved more in her own direction.

Fox has a mass following of fans and friends. Her creations are much like Superseaturtle's in style and humor. She is also a miniseries writer and a stopmotion animator.

Apparently, she recently deleted her account, reasons unknown.


Fox is a miniseries writer with two largely successful miniseries, one of them being,

Fox's miniseries, "Apprentice of Anakin." Picture by GalaxyFox39.

"Apprentice of Anakin" starring Ahsoka Tano, which seems to be Fox's favorite Star Wars character.

However, she has written more than just these miniseries. Here is a more complete list of her miniseries:

  • Ahsoka's Mission. Incompleted.
  • The Coruscant Secret. This miniseries involved Barriss Offee and Ahsoka Tano in an attempt to get back to the Jedi Temple after Barriss' kidnapping by returned assassin, Zam Wessel.
  • Jedi Legacy. This miniseries centers around Darcy Ardune and Liv Moonstar. It is incomplete, with Fox having to take an extended sabbatical on it.
  • Alliance. This is Fox's first attempt at a miniseries utilizing users as characters. It is ongoing.
  • Apprentice of Anakin. This miniseries centers around Ahsoka and a series of mysterious sabotages. It is currently ongoing.

As A UserEdit

Fox is known for her sweet, bubbly personality, and openness. She is good friends with users like Bowdrie1999, Superseaturtle, Bgirlabby, Kingjulian13, and countless others.

Creations StyleEdit

She makes many creations starring 44 and Ahsoka. She occasionally does a stopmotion or two.
To fox

A tribute to Fox. Picture by jwildman307.


  • Fox is not allowed to reveal her age
  • She knows several users in real life, such as Hevy-Hardcase.
  • She has a younger sister on the site, PrincessLeia8888.
  • Fox has started something called "Ahsoka's Adventure's"
  • She started a miniseries called "Apprentice of Anakin"
  • She has made a squad called, "Blue Moon Squad" some of it's members are Ahsoka Tano, Bariss Offee and Siri Tachi.
  • Although she deleted her previous account, Galaxyfox39, she is still active on the LOTR creations gallery under the username "TaurielofMirkwood."
  • It appears as if Fox has also abandoned her "TaurielofMirkwood" account.