JoshdudemanAKAjosh is a user on the Lego Star Wars Creations gallery. He is also the "padawan" of
Superseaturtle (see The Mentorship Program). He is good friends with users such as Bluepeso and Cedric_Of_Chessington.

Moderations (first account)Edit

Josh's first account, moderations, was deleted due to the impression that he was trying to impersonate the moderators. He came back as joshdudemanAKAjosh a few days later.


Josh first appeared under the username "moderations", as stated above. He changed his username to "joshdudemanAKAjosh", inspired by Samdudeman120.

He commented for quite some time on many creations.

He went inactive for about a month and a half, but has returned.

Involvment In The Mentorship ProgramEdit

Josh chose Superseaturtle as his mentor. Turtle tested him on navigating the gallery, which he passed easily. She then continued to advise him.

Creations StyleEdit

Josh has made a few custom vehicles and a few other creations, but focuses mainly on commenting.

Creations LinkEdit

If you would like to see JoshdudemanAKAjosh's creations, you can find them here.

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