Kingjulian13 has many Duplicate Accounts. The first few of which were made because he thought his original was broken. It is unknown why he created the rest of them. It is also unknown if he has any more. He calls them his "minions". The majority of them were only used once. This was when Kingjulian13 created the "Get Sam On" Movement.

The MinionsEdit

The minions were created as follows:

  • CaptainPete
  • CaptainBarcus
  • KingPete10
  • Legoscott1213
  • Megalego4522
  • A-B-C123
  • D-E-F123
  • G-H-I123
  • J-K-L123
  • M-N-O123
  • P-Q-R123
  • S-T-U123
  • V-W-X123
  • Y-Z123

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