The original photo for EmperorGalvinian's "From The Life Of A Clone"

The miniseries is an integral part of the LSW Creations community.


The miniseries was born on December 18th, 2011. This date was when EmperorGalvinian posted the first ever miniseries: "Descent Into The Empire".

The miniseries was propagated by Dalein, who made his own; entitled "Smuggler's Log", which became the first of many smuggler miniseries. He and Galvinian became good friends.

Some of the miniseries writers that gained fame soon after this were Bowdrie1999 with "Rebel's Revenge", Hevy-Hardcase with "Log", Agenti397 with "Building Storms", and Starwarsrocks2012 with "Survival".

EmperorGalvinian created a club for miniseries-writers called the Inter-Connected League of Miniseries Writers (ICLOLMSW), but it did not take off, although it had a membership of almost forty users.

Fearsome Fivesome Miniseries SpreeEdit

After Samdudeman120 returned to the Fearsome Fivesome, their popularity skyrocketed even higher than before. Cedric of Chessington (AKA Figit99, IamFidgit99) was the first to write a miniseries about the Fearsome Fivesome, causing a chain reaction.

Some of these miniseries are as follows:

-"The Legend of Five" by Samdudeman120

-"Fearsome Fivesome: Origin", "Fearsome Fivesome: Finest Hour" and "Fearsome Fivesome: The Breaking" by Superseaturtle

-"The Five" and "The Five: On The Run" by Brenkenobi

-"Noa's Fearsome Fivesome" and "The Fearsome Fivesome: End Game" by Awesomenoa

-"Fearsome Fivesome: Observer" by EmperorGalvinian

-"The Fearsome Fivesome" and "The Fearsome Fivesome: Friendship" by Cedric_Of_Chessington

-"The Fearsome Fivesome: Generation" by FrodoLives-SauronDefeated

-"The Fearsome Fivesome" by Jinju11

Types Of MiniseriesEdit

  • Third-person- written from a non-character point of view. (i.e. "Meas Aj Edi walked down the street.")
  • First person- written from a character's perspective. (i.e. "I walked down the street.")
  • Omniscient- the reader sees and hears everything that is going on and knows more than any one of the characters. This is not advised as the best way to write a miniseries, as there are many pitfalls to writing this way.
  • Limited- written in either first person or third person.
  • Cooperative- two or more users collaborating on a miniseries.
  • Present-Tense- live action; the character(s) talk as it happens.
  • Past-tense- it already happened; the character(s) talk as if it happened before.


-Some users believe Galaxyfox39, Bowdrie1999, or Dalein created the miniseries.