Oku Finn
Oku_Finn is a well-respected user on the Lego Star Wars Gallery. He is known for his ships and stopmotions.


Oku_Finn has been around since the days of the old gallery. He is one of the few active users who were present during the Golden Age. He commented quite a bit, becoming friends with users like Superseaturtle.

More recently, he has slowed down his posting to about 1 or 2 Creations per month, and comments almost exclusively on his own Creations.

He started a group with himself, Razaron, Brickman674, and Bluepeso, however it lost steam over time.


Oku_Finn's Minifigure

Creations StyleEdit

Oku is known for his ships, which can be compared to the skills of his idol, ditzlego. He is also a good stopmotion animator , and his minifgure scale dioramas are of extremely high quality.

He has recently started a miniseries, called Unforseen Enemies.


  • Oku has an older sister on the site.

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