Skies Of Liberty
Author Bowdrie1999
Publication date 5-20-12 to N/A (ongoing)
Publication Order
Preceded by
Rebel's Revenge
Followed by
Skies of Liberty: Redemption
Skies of Liberty is an aerial combat miniseries by Bowdrie1999.


This is Bowdrie1999's second miniseries. It centers around an X-Wing fighter squadron called "Wolfpack Squadron", more specifically fighter pilot Captain John Guthrie. It currently has over thirty parts, and a spinoff series called "Skies of Liberty: Redemption," which currently has fifteen parts.


This series is one of the longer running series on the site. It has many fans, including Rcam8162, Superseaturtle, Agenti397, and EmperorGalvinian.

Users On The SiteEdit

Bowdrie1999 has included several of the users on in his series.

  • General Rokan- Rokan is Starwarsrocks2012's character. Bowdrie1999 also included Rokan's Padawan, Rachel.
  • Tauriel- TaurielofMirkwood is a duplicate account of Galaxyfox39, who just recently came into this series.