So, howdy all =) My name's Sam, and I was one of the original members here at the wiki - though definitely not the oldest. It has been a long time - at least a year since any real activity has happened. I've seen some people come here recently, and so I am writing this, now. I want you to know, guys, that if you're out there I will be here, every day ( or so ) checking in on people, adding minisiries parts, and hanging out in the chat when I can.

I look forward to hearing from anyone and everyone! If you're out there leave me a message, or catch me in the chat. I'd love to see some sign of the old days, and really miss what we all had here; a safe place, full of love, camaraderie, respect and - most importantly - STAR WARS! Which, btw, if you haven't seen Rogue One... Ohmygosh, go see it.

So anyway, love to hear from you guys. Keep coming back! There are more of us hanging around here than you might think. The world is changed, but we're still here =)

Talk to ya later, Sam

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