Volrox Thrash is a Star Wars character created by the user, Cedric of Chessington (AKA Fidgit99, IamFidgit99)

He was first brought to life in the miniseries, Volrox Thrash: Sith Apprentice. The character was under the wing of the Sith Lord, Darth Vader. Volrox was the leader of an Imperial Fighter Squadron, and has an interesting history.

Before Volrox became a Sith, he was a clone trooper in the Republic army given the nickname 'Jet'. But when an assassin took risks and attempted to assassinate the Chancellor in the miniseries Hunt for the Assassin (by Fidgit99), he was sent on a mission to hunt down this ruthless killer. 

When the assassin was eliminated, Jet had been tempted, and was brought to the Dark Side by Darth Vader, using a machine that injected midi-chlorians into the troopers body and turned him into a Sith Apprentice. 

Though, later on, he met an old friend, who happened to bring back many memories, and so, he betrayed his dark master and joined the Rebellion.

After the war was won, he retired from the Jedi life, married the human girl, Julia, and had two kids, Galaden and Rachelle.